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Kaldor City - welcome, Zoner.
'...we're all in this together...'
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11th-May-2013 03:48 pm - Obscure and British Commentfest
Rabbit close up

A commentfest for all fanworks and yes Kaldor City is allowed, yeah:) Click on the banner for more info.
1st-Aug-2012 09:33 am - I'm Not Dead Yet!
jm smiling sepia
*tap*tap*tap* Is this thing on?

Following an email exchange with hooplasugarlump, I'm stepping up as a maintainer for the community and will be heading out to various corners of the net to recruit some more members.

Who am I? Go look at my profile if you really want to know. :)

I know this community has been in hibernation for quite some time, but given the recent activity at Magic Bullet Productions - including a new short piece, Metafiction, by Alan Stevens - I'm hoping things will soon perk up.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome!
19th-Mar-2011 12:27 pm - Query
spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥
Hello, new here, and with a query: I've been wanting to get hold of the Kaldor City series for a while, and finally managed to get Checkmate second hand. And, of course, it is no. 5, I see now it has arrived. Even though I am a long-time DW fan, have now watched and (love to pieces) B7, have Corpse Marker and The Robots of Death, I am pretty sure by looking at it that it is possibly not the best place to start.

I've tried the two most obvious places I can think of (Amazon and Ebay), and (at least at a quick search), cannot see any sign of Occam's Razor. I'm not asking for anything illegal, but if anyone knows where a person might be able to lay hands on a copy or a download that is not too steep, I'll be v grateful. (I am in the UK.) If not I shall just end up spoilering and confuzzling myself with Checkmate, because there's only so long I'll be able to refrain from listening to it.

Thank you.
Kaldor: Taren Capel
Firstly, we haz a new member! Everyone give a big Sewerpit wave to darrowsgirl !

Secondly, I've been chatting with her about Storm mine, and I went back and found this speech by Blayze!Iago

When you set out upon a journey, kill everyone you happen upon: kill your friends and your parents and your children, should you meet them on the road. Kill the topmasters, the firstmasters, and the holy men; only that way can you become free. Only when you have killed everyone will you become truly enlightened.

Now, peeps, my question is this: what was the threat of the Fendahl again? It destroys everything, doesn't it? But are we ever given to believe that this is a philosophy of malevolence rather than a biological imperitive? Didn't the Fendahl just do what it did because it was made that way?

I need an I.O.T.F rewatch.

Also - I've been watching Old Who, and there is a rather gorgeous Scott Fredricks in Day of the Daleks. I'll grab some screen caps when I can - I was too busy before thinking 'hello, cheekbones!' 
11th-Jun-2009 09:44 am - Icons and desktops
Future's Past

Made some fanart inspired by Kaldor City. Intended to make some icons with memorable Iago-quotes, but my photoshop programme has a glitch, so I'll have to postpone that. Does anyone know if there is a website online that has conveniently collected all the good quotes? Thanks i.a.!


three desktops variations under hereCollapse )

26th-Mar-2009 08:05 pm - Fendahl DVD Release
Carnell Evil Grin by snowgrouse
Seeing as no one else has mentioned it, that I've seen, Image of the Fendahl comes out on Region 2 DVD on the 6th of April, and if you go here you can get a slightly reduced price copy, signed by the delightful Mr Fredericks.
29th-Jan-2009 10:42 pm - OK, I'm a rubbish mod...
3 Third Doctor LOL!
The community listen of Death's Head had been pushed back due to my failure at life, so if you haven't found the time, why not take an hour to wander the halls of Company Central and see what Kaston and Carnell are up to now...
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